Retrimming for limousines

Limo Engineering offer re trimming, limo interior retrimming, customisation for those who want absolute maximum passenger capacity when coifing their limousine. Due to American Coachbuilders building limousines only for their own local regulations you might find when coifing your limousine it is not capable of carrying the 16 passengers due to interior dimensions. We can offer a re trim service to all interior designs maximising the passenger capacity of your vehicle.

In some cases this could mean increasing the capacity by 4 passengers on your coif certificate!

Re trim options are currently very popular with operators of Ford Excursions looking to increase the capacity from 12/13 up to 16 passengers. As part of the re trimming we will get the vehicle re inspected with Vosa for approval of alterations to a PSV.

Depending on weight, Ford Excursions with any more than 13 passengers will be given a waiver from Vosa stating the possibility of exceeding the GVWR if 16 passengers are present. It has and will always remain the responsibility of the driver/operator to ensure he is not overloading the limousine.

The benefit with this upgrade is the ability to carry 16 youths while reducing the numbers according to the age/size of your passengers. 16 adults would almost definately exceed the GVWR.