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About Limo Engineering

Limo Engineering provides specialised engineering solutions to all American built Pick up Trucks and SUV’s along with limousine operators with SUV stretch limousines in the 8-16 passengers category, as classed under PSV regulations.

In 2006 Limo Engineering obtained the first Certificate of Initial Fitness for the Ford Excursion 140’’ stretch built by Executive Coachbuilders and has since expanded to include Ford Excursions built by all coachbuilders up to 165" in stretch.

In 2008 we were the first company to engineer and supply solutions for Digital tachographs for the many American based vehicles in the industry. We still remain the only company with a certified ‘adaptor’ for Digital tachographs according with EU regulations to the Ford Excursion/ F250, F350 and F450 in the UK. We are also one of two companies with an adaptor for the Hummer H2. We have continued developing solutions and have engineered ‘adaptors’ for the GMC Yukon and Ford Expedition. See Analogue Tachographs & Digital Tachographs.

These developments were completed as laws changed regarding Tachograph's, January 1st 2008.
In July 2010 we achieved Coif Certification for the Hummer H2 to 6500 gvwr. This was our biggest achievement in the past few years with four months of brake testing carried out alone in order to pass. This meant we are the only company capable of delivering a 200" stretch Coif Hummer H2 with 16 passengers. We have also allowed enough weight for LPG to be fitted.

We are also certified to fit several make of speed limiters for various applications including most fly by wire applications and mechanical applications. See Speed Limiters.

To carry out all our design and manufacturing we carry the latest 3D CAD software and operate our own Okuma CNC machine and lathe in house. We carry all of the best water cooled welders with plasma’s, band saw’s, Spot welders etc allowing us the capability to do just about anything required. 

In 2013 the Limo Engineering brand joined forces with American Autos which led to our expansion in spares parts and limousines sales.