Limousine Glass

Limousine Glass & Window Accessories

As part of the COIF process Limo Engineering has developed strong relationships with UK glass manufactures and owns glass dyes for most American limousines. Some of the limousine glass we can offer includes windscreen, door glass, side glass, tailgate glass and the vehicles we cover includes the H2 Hummer, Lincoln Town Car and Excursion although we may be able to source other manufacturers depending on your requirements such as Chrysler, Yukon and Cadillac Escalade and DTS.

Often our prices for items such as windscreens can work out cheaper than companies like Autoglass and we are happy to work with your insurance company to get your limo back on the road at the earliest possible opportunity. Often the cost of shipping makes the cost of glass more expensive and takes longer than sourcing limo glass from the UK. All glass stocked for our COIF conversions also have the added benefit of being E-Marked to ensure your vehicle remains compliant to UK regulations.

We actually have alot of the above limousine glass in stock to ensure we can get your stretched limo back on the road as quickly as possible.

We also stock and source limousine window accessories such as rubber surrounds, trims and can also fit and provide a customer glass installation.