Ford Excursion COIF

In 2005 while converting vehicles to RHD we were asked to convert a Limousine to right hand drive. It was then brought to our attention the requirements for limousines and the criteria for COIF.

After working with this platform vehicle since its arrival over a decade ago, understanding its capabilities and components we decided to start testing and achieved our first COIF in May 2006. We now have over 130 COIF Excursions under our belt now with great customer satisfaction.

The Ford Excursion Limousine was certified by Fords QVM program and the first 25 vehicles that obtained a Coif were ECB 140” stretch. Since late 2007 we had completed testing and developed all the extras required to coif all other coachbuilders up to 165". 

The Ford excursion at 140" stretch is generally capable of carrying 13 passengers. Longer variants can carry up to 16 passengers. We also offer a trim conversion for customers who want to achieve the maximum passengers being 16 in their 120" - 140".

 The following are some of the items carried out during the coif process;

  • All Glass is replaced with E certified privacy glass.
  • 90 Degree door aperture
  • Daylight running
  • E certified seat belts and anchorages
  • E certified Light conversion all round
  • New Pitman arm and modification to steering components allowing a 24m turning circle
  • Exhaust silenced
  • First aid and fire extinguisher
  • Grab rail and interior lights / labels
  • Door latches and child locks
  • If required by date of registration a speed limiter would be fitted at extra cost

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