GM Hummer H2 Coif

With the Limo Industry facing large changes in 2010, Laws being as stringent as ever and Coif being a requirement for all over 8 passenger vehciles operating under PSV we have been very enthusiastic about our latest release. The Hummer H2 Coif Conversion.
The popularity of the Hummer H2 with both the Hirer and operator meant we decided to bite the bullet and achieve certification to coif these vehicles. It has required every bit of experience and technology we have to make this possible.

The extent of modifications to this vehicle are extensive. It is because of this we decided to design and manufacture our own components all in house including brakes.

For the large number of operators that have been following our progress with the certification of the Hummer H2, you will know to the extent work has been done. We have now spent over 12 months developing and testing components however we believe we have set a new standard for the limousine industry in the UK. We all know how important it is to not only to have 100% confidence in your vehicle and its modifications as well as the importance of Quality work.

It was Imperative to achieve certification for 6500 Kg minimum. With all 200" weighed in development proving to weigh more than 5000 kg un laden and in most cases 5250 Kg ^ Un laden it was important to ensure we could certify these vehicles for 16 passengers. Because of this we are the only company who can Coif your 200" Hummer H2 for 16 passengers and no weight restrictions. We are also the only company with the ability to Coif your Hummer H2 200" for 16 passengers with LPG fitted. In many cases even the 185" exceeds the weight with other coif conversions available on the market. 

Upgrade packages are available for those who have already obtained a COIF certificate on their Hummer H2. These include Brake Upgrades, GVWR Upgrade allowing 16 passengers rather than 12-13 passengers and Power steering upgrades. 

We can now confirm modifications for the conversion to include;

Some items manufactured in house are;
Pitman arm, Idler arm, Connecting link. 15" Front rotors grooved and ventilated with Limo Eng. 3 pot aluminium Brake Calipers. 15" Rear rotors grooved and ventilated with Limo Eng 3 pot aluminium Brake Calipers. New HD knuckles with bump stops incorporated ( this is integral in insuring extra load is not inputted to the sector shaft and steering box, then resulting in a weeping steering box and failure)

After starting development of the H2 it came to our attention, the problems the standard steering system had when converted into a limousine. Not only do the larger H2 limousines suffer with power steering failure, even drivers of smaller limousines struggle to deal with the load on the steering when negotiating many of the UK roads and in particular parking the limousine.

It was because of this we developed a combination of steering components to be fitted to all our H2 COIF Conversions with a torque variation for the different weight ratings. This has helped to reduce the load on all the ball joints also. These include the following

HD steering box and Power steering pump is fitted for a much more capable drive. Lighter steering eliminates pump failure in the larger Hummers. This upgrade also comes with front mount power steering cooler and reservoir to help with the increased loads of our system.

A Telma electromagnetic retarder is fitted with an abs interface. This will take a high percentage of your low speed braking away from the primary brakes meaning increased pad and rotor life. Telma was the chosen retarder as it has an extremely smooth operation better suited for limousines than the other variants available on the market. We were also able to eliminate any vibration caused by the alteration of drive shafts while fitting the Telma while also keeping ground clearance as a priority, in most cases above the chassis rails!.

We have also designed and manufactured in house new door hinges for the 90 degree door openings. This removes the need to cut any exterior panels of your vehicle which would not only look terrible but also defeat us in our quest for quality workmanship and products.

All lights are replaced with e marked replacements where certain lights do not comply.
All glass is replaced with E-marked glass made in the UK to E43R regulations.
All components are top quality and have been coated for longevity.
Certified 20” wheels and tyres will also be fitted. 
HD shock absorbers

Many of you would have at some point struggled to obtain any warranty on work carried out on your vehicle.

We are proud to state we will cover certain components with 6 months warranty. Where we do not warranty an item it will carry a manufacturer’s warranty.

If you have any more questions please Contact Us