FORD 250/350 COIF

As many of you would already know built in the Kentucky plant the Ford F250/350 carry many of the same components as the Ford Excursion. Roughly 95%. This meant we could adapt a majority of our testing and components from the Ford Excursion Coif to the F250 Coif.

The passenger occupancy of the Ford F250 limousine is often lower than the Ford Excursion as you lose the rear cabin in favour of a trunk. Often used for hot tubs. Most common the F250 limousine is limited to 12 passenger where as the Ford Excursion often exceeds 13 passengers. See other services for increased occupancy.

With a slightly longer wheelbase the vehicle has a similar steering setup fitted to the 160” Excursion to obtain the 25m required to meet turning circle requirements. Most other work carried out is similar to that of the Ford Excursion with a turn around time of up to 10 working days.*

*Subject to test availability